I'm not arguing or bashing Dusty....just want other's thoughts.

To me this team really started kicking at the point when Dusty started staying with guys like Homer and Latos when he normally would've taken them out. He's trusted Cueto all year and Homer, Latos and both others more often than expected (except for Leake....he's pulled him every time but once when we figured)....today Latos thru 7 inn gave up only 3 hits and struck out 8...with 97 pitches. There is simply no was to know but Latos in the 8th and Chappy in the 9th was very possible.

Do you think the wear of innings on the starters played a role with the decision?

***Latos may have told Dusty he was gassed. (guessing not but you don't know)

I hope the wear of innings had a play in the decision....even though I don't agree.

Obviously if Broxton has better fortune this thread never happens....but I'm always a fan of the starter staying in when possible.