I am sorry if anyone enjoyed the Roseanne Roast last night, but I think the Roasts are just getting watered down. If you look at the more early roasts of Pam Anderson and Jeff Foxworthy were great. They had a lot of random celebtrities and comedians on the stage. What made them great were that the bits were original and overall the roast featured a lot of different people taking their shot at the star which added a variety of comedy.

The recent Roasts like the ones of Joan Rivers, Charlie Sheen, and Roseanne have only had like 10 maybe 12 people on the dais who all tell the same jokes.

One of the best parts of the older Roasts was comedians pointing out the lesser known celebrities on the stage like Dennis Rodman being ripped on in the Pam Anderson one. Don't get me wrong, there were some funny parts in the Roast last night, but it just does not compare to the older ones.

Hopefully, Comedy Central goes back to their old ways and finds a perfect mix of comedians, celebrities, and a "Roastee" that can bring the annual show back to its roots.