Everyone knows the pitching staff has been good this year. But how good? Using ERA+ as a measuring stick, pretty freaking good. Maybe even historically good. The Reds' ERA+ right now sits at 126. Let's see how that stacks up.

Here is a chart of every NL pitching staff since division play started in 1969 with an OPS+ of 125 or higher. Pretty short list.

2002	ATL	133	101
1997	ATL	131	101
2011	PHI	128	102
2003	LAD	128	85
1998	ATL	128	106
1993	ATL	128	104
2012	CIN	126	98*
1996	ATL	125	96

Going back to 1969 just 8 pitching staffs have finished the season at 125+ or batter. The Reds' OPS+ ranks them 7th. But that is actually 7th out of 598 pitching staffs. Aside from the other-worldly Atlanta staffs featuring Maddux, Smoltz etc., only three teams' pitchers have managed to put up an OPS+
of 125 or better. That is some pretty heady territory this year's Reds have entered.

And look at the results. Using 98 wins for Cincinnati (the pace they are currently on), these eight teams won a total of 793 games. Or just a shade over 99 games each.

This includes the 2003 Los Angeles Dodgers team which won just 85. That team, incidentally, was pathetic offensively. They had the dubious distinction of finishing last in the league in OBP, SLG and OPS. They scored just 3.5 runs per game. And yet still won 85 games because of the pitching staff.

You get good pitching and wins seem to naturally follow.