After Melky got caught, as many of you have heard, Balco's Victor Conte said in an interview with ESPN that he suspects nearly half of baseball is still using PEDs (primarily in the form of synthetic testosterone). While I'm not inclined to think the true numbers are that high, I get the feeling the usage is still a lot more than anyone would be comfortable with.

I'm curious to hear what other people think the true level of usage is and what should be done.

Personally, I would bet the numbers are at least 10%, which is enough to bother me. Conte says tests exist that can better detect these new methods that players are using, so I wonder why the MLB doesnt adopt these tests. Apparently the method used is the one that takes place after the initial positive test in order to confirm the positive one.

Another question, are there any Reds that you think could be using? I DONT want to start rumors, but based on either increased performance or power numbers that seem to come from nowhere, there are a couple players that wouldnt surprise me.