I know we are 26 games above .500. We are in 1st place. We have also feasted on some bad teams...which we should.

What concerns me is our run production against good and just plain OK starting pitching. If we make the playoffs,(we will know how good we are against the Phillies and Cards) we will face good if not great starting pitching every game.

This is what should be done in my opinion, to help this line-up get more runners on base in more crucial times.

1) Hannigan should be moved up to bat 2nd. The dude is batting .284 with a 368 on base percentage. Do you know how hard this is batting 8th...with the pitcher hitting behind you? Absolutely no protection. What would be his average with Phillips hitting behind him or Votto when he returns? How many more RBI's would Phillips or Votto have? Stubbs in comparison, has a horrible .295 OBP with 116 STRIKEOUTS.. Hannigan has only 30 K's..Stubbs has 140 more AB's. If we make the playoff's...Hannigan should start every game...I don't remember Molina taking off any days last year in October.

2) Frazier has to play over Rolan. I'm a huge Scotty fan, but Frazier is an everyday player. Scotty plays on Sunday and pinch hits. Start Frazier. He has to be in the everyday lineup.

3) When Votto comes back, Paul has to stay on this team. Cairo has to be released. I'm assuming Dusty want's to keep the same number in the bullpen. Heisey has a lot more pop in his bat and can play all OF positions...you keep him too. I love ya Cairo but Paul has taken your spot.

Do you agree?