Louisville 50-83 (Last place) David Bell now 226-322 in his career. Ugly.

Pensacola 34-35 (1st half) 29-30 (2nd half) 63-65 (overall) Tough, tough loss to the division-leading Biscuits last night. A win would have had them just three games out in the second half. Playoff chances slipping away.

Bakersfield 41-29 (1st half) 24-34 (2nd half) 65-63 (overall) Guaranteed a playoff spot because of their first-half performance. A lot of those players are laying out on the beach in western Florida these days.

Dayton 30-40 (1st half) 25-31 (2nd half) 55-71 (overall) Still selling out that park on a nightly basis.

Billings 20-17 (1st half) 16-8 (2nd half) 36-25 (overall) Best record for any team in the organization. They hold a two-game lead in the second half. Playoff possibilities are good.

AZL Reds - 17-33 Not a lot of whoopin' and hollerin' out in the desert air this year.

Likely will have two playoff teams out of six. Combined record for the farmhands is 286-340 to this point.