This is an incredibly interesting story. Juan Carlos Paniagua originally signed with the DBacks for a mere $17,000 back in 2009. Of course he was using the name Juan Carlos Callado at the time. MLB suspended him and voided the contract after 2010. He then came clean about his name, served his suspension and then signed with the Yankees under the name Juan Carlos Paniagua, born 4-4-90, the same date of birth on his original contract with the DBacks. The Yankees gave him $1.1M to sign this time. MLB then voided that contract for "falsified documents". He once against served a year suspension. Three days ago he signed with the Cubs, under the same name and the same birth date as he had with the Yankees, for $1.5M this time. MLB has approved the contract, but with the definition that his age is unknown.

If I were the Yankees, I would be awfully upset over this situation. While we are talking about a guy who is 22 and has thrown 2 innings in the US, he has a pretty good arm (up to 98 in the past, sitting 93-95 right now).