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As fans, is it safe to say that all of us see certain trends? As I've watched, the only one of our starting pitchers that is holding up is Cueto, and even he has been fading just a tad, yet even if he doesn't, he can't prop this team up by himself until the end of September, especially if the offense isn't going to give the pitchers some run support. Bronson always seems to be big opposing team inning away from blowing a big lead, as we see tonight, same for Latos... Homer is a head case, and I'm not sure of Leake. Games like this, and more specifically a series like this drives home the fact that something needed and should have been done at the trade deadline to shore up any one of the ares that this team could sorely use help in. Anything to help prop this team up would've been great.
If the only one that is holding up is Cueto, how have they gone 30-12 since the All-Star break?