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Frazier has played SS.
Votto has played LF, RF, and C.
Ludwick has played CF.
Valdez has pitched.
Arredondo has played SS.

It is much less about whether or not somebody has played a position before, and much more about if the team will be better as a whole with players playing positions that they haven't sniffed in 4+ seasons. Again, as I said repeatedly in the Choo and Pence trade rumor threads, this is a team that has come out and said that they are dedicated to defense on the field, and there is no equation that has Bruce in CF that fits that philosophy.

Baseball is really hard already- do we really need it to be even harder with players playing out of position?
The mechanics of playing a different outfield position doesn't really change too much. It's mostly just a matter of having the physical skills to do it successfully (i.e. having the range to play center, the arm to play right, etc.)

Over the course of a full season, a Frazier-Bruce-Ludwick outfield is probably not a good idea. But in one month, it might work.