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Here's the link for the Javelinas roster


Interesting that it shows Hamilton as an infielder. If someone has a link for a more recent iteration of this, please add.

So who is Curtis Partch? I'm guessing he's someone they like a little bit, but need to decide whether to protect him from the Rule 5 draft? I don't recall ever seeing him mentioned in any conversations.
Curt Partch reminds me of Logan Ondrusek. They both have good velocity, struggle with command at times, had mediocre minor league numbers, and couldn't get lefties out to save their lives. When the Reds sent Ondrusek to the AFL, they hoped a team would be intrigued by him and offer something valuable in a trade, but no one took the bait. Next thing you know, Ondrusek learned a cutter, and the rest is history.