Hi all,

It looks like my home computer may be on life support. Any suggestions out there. I think I'll get a laptop this time around (first time laptop buyer). I was going to get another desktop but my friends made fun of me. They said ..... you want to play your VHS tapes in it ....... maybe with an 8 track player?

Things I want:

Windows 7

Wireless connectivity

Larger screen than many of the laptops I see. (Old eyes here.)

DVD/ CD player, recorder


Decent video card - I play games at home ...... nothing like the combat kind of networking games that the kids play though.

I don't need a ton of storage but I do store photos and music.

I HATE shopping for computers. I usually overbuy thinking it will last longer. I just want to pick one off the shelf and plug and play. I see alot of brands out there that I don't recognize, but I'm pretty disappointed in the HP desktop that died too soon.