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Heisey is hot now so he may play more, but there is no indication Stubbs has lost his job. Dusty's comment in the Fay blog "He'll be back in there" suggests that Stubbs is simply getting some time to regroup.

My guess is that Heisey will get a lot of playing time in September. He is hot at the plate. Reds will want to rest guys with a big lead. Chris will play all the outfield positions. I'd expect Ludwick to get some rest in September as well.

But when Game 1 of the playoffs comes around, I expect Stubbs in CF. Hitting lower in the lineup with Votto back, Phillips at lead off, Cozart second, Stubbs seventh.
Time to regroup may well be an indefinite timetable with no guarantee of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Given the way Dusty operates in the media, I wouldn't expect him to come out and say if Stubbs were going to lose his job. It's possible this is temporary, but we're not going to know based on Dusty's comments.