It's a 12-team 5x5 dynasty league, and this trade involves relief pitchers. I've given up on this season, so I'm trying to get my roster in shape for next season. I already have Rafael Soriano, Carlos Marmol, Aroldis Chapman, Brian Wilson (dl), Joakim Soria (dl), and Mariano Rivera (dl). I had Tom Wilhelmsen, too, but I just traded him to the guy who sent me this offer.

Here is the offer I received:

camisadelgolf receives
Draft pick 1.2 (but it could easily drop to 1.4 over the next couple weeks or possibly-but-doubtfully become pick 1.1)
Jonathan Broxton
Drew Storen

he receives
Pick 1.1
Rafael Soriano
probably whoever I would plan on dropping like a Matt Joyce type or something

So what do you think? Should I accept? Our starting lineup allows for 2 SP, 2 RP, and 4 P.