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I agree on Stubbs, his season like last has disintegrated on offense and he's a liability in the batting order, really wherever he bats.

I don't agree on Cozart being a "sure out." It's probably just Redszone hyperbole, but maybe we shouldn't be lumping these two guys together so much.

Cozart has 32 doubles this year, to lead all MLB shortstops. He also has 15 homers and a slugging percentage over .400. Now, yes, his OBP is subpar and perhaps he's not ideal leading off, but he's been productive on offense for a SS.

I think Phillips leading off and Cozart hitting second would be a reasonable one two punch. I'd prefer a lefty OBP man, but with the current group, this would be acceptable to me.
You are right. He's just a streaky player just like most rookies. I like his bat, just not up at the top. As someone else said, there aren't many other options.