Drew's been a hot topic around here lately, but I dont want to go down the same road most of the conversations about him have.

What I'm interested in, is do you think, on another team that was getting him to use a different approach, could Drew have been so much more?

Drew flashed a lot of potential as recent as 2010, and many of us, myself included, thought Drew was on the road to becoming a Mike Cameron type for us for quite some time. That has clearly not been the case. A few of us have speculated that since Drew has hit near the top of the lineup, he has changed his approach for the worse. It's been argued that he should be swinging for the fences as much as possible, but the expectation for him to be a table setter got him derailed.

So, amateur scouts, what say you? Drew has the pedigree. As recent as the end of July he was on an insane tear. If Drew was say, a Toronto Blue Jay and they told him to go all Jose Bautista and try to pull everything over the LF wall, could he have been a different player?