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That's was a long time ago before Miles and Saban transformed the west. What has he done recently besides almost getting fired from Texas Tech after getting fired from Ole Miss.

Don't get me wrong, he'll win some games at UC but Dantonio, Kelly, and Jones were all more exciting hires with more potential at that time.
He didn't get fired at Ole Miss.

And I'm not totally sure, but IIRC, his last couple recruiting classes at TTU have been pretty highly rated. 20-17 record, 2 bowl games... That ain't all bad after the dumpster fire that TTU was after the Leach era.

It's also worth noting that Tuberville was 3-2 against Saban while NS was at LSU.

I don't know if Tuberville is great, but saying "he's always been a mediocre coach" isn't exactly correct either.