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There was an NFL employee upstairs who didn't correct them either, so it's not just the replacement refs who messed up. It was a bad mistake, but it happened with the regular refs in 2009 too, so it's not unique to the replacement officials. Personally, I think the whole issue was overblown and that the refs did really well outside of that moment in the Arizona game.
Disclaimer: I can't stand listening to Joe Buck. I would rather listen to nails running across a chalk board than listen to him do a game.

That said it seemed like him and Aikman were eager to point out every flag that these were replacement refs only to show the replay and catch the penalty. They were a little flag happy in the GB SF game but as noted earlier that officiating group threw the most in preseason. Aside from the Arizona, Seattle game were there any other blatant errors? Were there any calls that made you scream "Get the regular officials back!"