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Good post, and I know you're not picking on him. But I do think too much blame is being directed to Valdez. He cannot hit, no dispute. But he's a fringe backup player.

There are so many posts on RedsZone directed to Valdez. They really should be directed to the REGULAR players who have fallen into September swoons so far.

Funny thing is the only game the Reds won this weekend, Valdez got a key hit, albeit a swinging bunt, but it produced two runs. And he fouled off a gazillion pitches, a very fine at bat in a key spot.

Valdez is what he is, a versatile backup player who can't hit. More of the guys who CAN hit need to do so.
This is a nice post.

Valdez is likely our best alternative at SS with Cozart out.

Such as it is.