Cy at Red Reporter brought up an interesting point in a post about the howl yesterday (, that maybe the Reds should embrace a bad boy identity, with the number of what you could call "rebel" personalities on the team. Start with the pitching staff:

Johnny Cueto ended a guy's career with a kick to the head.
Mat Latos is tatted up from wrist to wrist and is, by all accounts, slightly unhinged.
Arroyo is a loose-tongued rock 'n' roll wannabe who looks like a hippie.
Mike Leake was arrested for shoplifting less than two years after a $2.3 million signing bonus.
Homer Bailey is from Texas.
Aroldis Chapman is a fast drivin', hard-throwin', cocky sonofagun.
Sam LeCure looks like a Wild West villain.

And of course Brandon Phillips is Enemy Numero Uno to most of the teams in the game. He laughs and slides when he doesn't need to and has that hand brush thing I now use in my daily life.

What if Joey Votto embraced his brooding nature and started declining interviews and staring down pitchers after rocking an oppo homer? Ryan Ludwick could cut his sleeves off like Klu and get a hammer tattooed on his bicep. Jay Bruce could start referring to himself in the third person and using a gold bat. Maybe Todd Frazier wears nothing but pinstripe suits when he's not in uniform like a Sinatra mob boss.

That coupled with what may become the most obnoxious and fun stadium tradition in the game could really be a good time.