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Okay...let's be clear, there's a difference between complaining and being worried. I'm not complaining. I'm saying that I'm worried about the Reds being able to score runs off of good pitching in the playoffs. And...NOW...I'm worried about Chapman. And I'm worried about Cueto's 8.82 ERA in his last three starts. Is he suddenly going to start pitching well in the post-season? I HOPE so. Is it wrong to be alarmed? Nobody is claiming that the sky is falling. Nobody is saying the Reds suck. I don't think anybody's ungrateful for the great season it's been so far...there are simply some red flags that have a few of us wondering if the Reds are gonna be able to hang with good pitching in October.
I don't think it is wrong to be concerned about the pitchers. They need to put this away as soon as possible so some key players can get some rest. I would like to see Cueto either skipped one turn or something to that effect... maybe go to a six man the last two weeks? Limit Cueto to one inning his next start? Do something to give him an extended break. The velocity is not down. The stuff is not diminished. It is location. It is ALL command. A little rest could go a long way.

The good news is how good Latos has been, and Homer in his last couple starts. They could open with Latos and Homer on the road, then come back for game 3 with Cueto matched up with the Giants' third starter.