Everyplace I've read/heard it seems people are ready to crown Mike Trout the RoY AND mvp this season. I'll admit, he's got a pretty darned good case for it. But Miguel Cabrera has really snuck up on me. This late in the season, we've got a legitimate triple crown candidate.

1st in BA (.333 over Trout's .327 in 2nd place)
2nd in HR's (41 behind Josh Hamilton's league leading 42)
1st in RBI (130 over Hamiton's 123 in 2nd place)

I know WAR is the newest "in" stat and is usually the first thing people point to in favor of Trout winning the MVP. 10.2 for Trout, 6.6 is second in the AL (with Cabrera 3rd at 6.5). I know Trout's been great, but I just can't see how they can't give it to Cabrera especially if he pulls off the triple crown.

What do you guys think? Who's your AL mvp?