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His willingness to play 3B poorly just so that the Tigers could use Delmon Young and his .270/.302/.419 bat at DH made the Tigers better?

The Tigers could easily have signed Fielder, put one of those two at DH, given 3B or SS to somebody who knows how to use a glove and been just as well off.

I think we all agree Cabrera's offensive numbers are impressive. But being the best all around player in baseball on a playoff contender is pretty awesome to. To put this in a different context, would Joey Votto be more valuable if he moved from 1B to RF and pushed Bruce to CF so that the Reds could play Miguel Cairo every day at 1B? Because that's approximately what the Tigers did.
Uh...the Tigers have some guy named Victor Martinez who got hurt that also plays 1B...so the Tigers would have had 3 1B/DH's...Cabrera agreed to play 3B so that the Tigers could sign Fielder, it had nothing to do with Delmon Young...sigh...