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None of that changes the reality that Mike Trout's on the field performance has provided more value to his team this year than Cabrera.
This is your opinion. Mine is different. Your argument started about Cabrera moving for Young; when you realized you were wrong, you just made excuses and said it didn't matter. It does matter in the clubhouse. He's clearly a leader that puts his team winning before his ego. I could name many star players that wouldn't do that. Did Barry Larkin have the highest WAR in the NL when he won the MVP? I imagine you thought he deserved it. WAR is all Trout has in his favor and I have about zero interest in using that to determine an MVP.

A guy that wins the Triple Crown and is a leader in the clubhouse on a team contending down the stretch to win their division deserves the MVP over someone that the only stat one can point to that is higher is WAR. I'm not the one with the strawman (to use your words) argument here.