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I'm sure all the Sabernatricians are in mourning today but IMO this was an easy pick for MVP. Cabrera did something that no one had done in 45 years plus and most importantly he led his team into the playoffs and World Series. If the Tigers didn't make the playoffs or were just a really poor team then Trout may have got the vote. But considering all of what Carbrera accomplished it was an easy pick.
He also was huge down the stretch. His September performance dragged the Tigers into the postseason. I know, I know ... all games count the same. Mathematically, yes. In terms of pressure and mental strain and the impact of one day's performance on the next ... doing it in the pennant race still means something.

Both guys were great. I didn't care who won and wouldn't have argued with either choice. But just throwing out WAR numbers (which aren't exactly the Gospel anyway) and saying "case closed" fails to see the entire picture.