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That's completely and utterly mistaken and I say that from having spent 10 years in internships, broadcasting school and working in the media itself for radio/television/print.

Most camera crews, to set up for a live feed, often need a half hour or more to set up for a multi-camera feed. Sometimes I've seen it take an hour or two. For a single-camera, on-location, it can be done rather abruptly. But if we're talking about having several cameras in a live event, you're talking half hour if you want it done thoroughly.

When you're not allowed to get set up until after a broadcast is finished, you leave yourself little time for testing the feeds and making sure everything is working properly.

The point you're missing here is that they didn't have 24 hours to set up. They weren't allowed to get their cameras in there until after the previous crew left. That is all the difference in the world.
They just said it was techincial difficulites. I can understand that, but I'm not buying for a second that a delay of that length was because it takes an 11th level supermage and countless archane occult preparations to switchover to a live feed. It happened because somewhere along the line, somebody screwed da pooch.