I don't even know if this is an accurate title or not, however what I wanted to ask is about music like 'The Civil Wars', 'Mumford and Sons', 'Those Poor Bastards', and other acoustic/folk/alternative/country bands. What genre would anyone even put these people in? Is it country? Is it folk? Is it alternative rock? Maybe its the modern day version of the singer songwriter like Jim Croce and James Taylor from the 70's?

I absolutely abhor what is classified as country music these days. There is nothing 'country' about Tim McGraw, or Brad Paisley, or whoever else is in the Nashville establishment. Taylor Swift? Please. These people play pop music with a redneck accent.

That rant out of the way, what I'm looking for are more bands like the ones listed in the first paragraph. IE talented bands/musicians who haven't glitzed and glammed it up for Nashville.

So, suggestions?