I was just looking back on some stats from the past few years, and I was noticing how a lot of players will be nearly forgotten, even by some of the most die-hard of fans. But is RedsZone's memory better than that? I have included hints for obscure Reds from each of the past 10 years. Can you guess them? No cheating.

2012 My claim to fame is being traded for both Brad Lidge and Miguel Tejada.

2011 I was once considered the #4 prospect in all of baseball according to Baseball America.

2010 Soon to be a free agent, I am the oldest rookie in the organization. I was once traded for Randy Wolf.

2009 I was sent to Cincinnati to mitigate a salary dump that needed for the player in the Sean Casey salary dump.

2008 I went almost 7 years between Major League appearances.

2007 I'm a former rule 5 pick who was called up when Alex Gonzalez went on the bereavement list.

2006 I am the second-to-last Red to wear #00 (Rick White), and my only Reds appearance was as a pinch runner.

2005 I got a September call-up at 21 years old and haven't played above AA since.

2004 I'm a former 1st round draft pick who never pitched more than 1 inning as a Red and walked at least 1 batter in every appearance.

2003 As a 28-year-old rookie, I played in 2 games. I struck out in both appearances and never fielded a ball.