The division is clinched, everybody seems healthy, and the playoffs are almost upon us. Everybody in Redsville is happy...myself included. That being said, is anyone else concerned about the momentum that the Reds are taking into the post-season?

In September, the Reds have scored 70 Runs (with 4 games remaining) which is the 3rd WORST in MLB. In August, they ranked 8th with 142 Runs. That's a SERIOUS drop in production. In July, the Reds ranked 11th with 116.

OPS is also horrible in September: .636 which is 3rd worst in MLB. In August, they were at .777 (6th in MLB) and in July they were .760 (ranked 10th).

Pitching looks pretty solid, with a 3.24 ERA in September, a 3.78 in August, and a 3.03 in July (4th in MLB that month).

I realize that the Reds are using some new guys here and there and that could account for some of the drop-off. Still, I don't like seeing the offensive nose-dive we've seen right when they need to be playing their best. Call me paranoid (thank you) but it seems as though the firepower that pushed this team to the division title has begun to flame out.