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The way it stands now:

New York
San Francisco
St. Louis
Concerning the Nats


Acknowledging the vagaries of short playoff series, the Nats could still present a bit of a litmus test on how to build a playoff roster. Though the team's biggest strength lies in its run prevention, it has an incredibly young pitching staff, with Edwin Jackson the only one of the team's four starters with any postseason experience. It's also a team that thrives on balance more than star power.

Jayson Werth is the only starter with an on-base percentage above .350, Ian Desmond and Adam LaRoche are the starters with an OPS above .850, and not a single Nat has managed 20 steals this year

(Washington ranks ninth in the NL in stolen bases). Maybe pitching, defense, and carrying very few true slugs on the roster will prove to be a formula for playoff success. But something in the back of my mind makes me wonder if a team whose best power threat is Adam LaRoche might see its offense exposed a bit by superior teams with better pitching.