I'm way more nervous now than I was on the eve of playoffs in 2010. I have no idea why...probably because I didn't expect the Reds to make much noise in the postseason that year. Winning the division was reward enough then, I guess. But this year is different. Losing in the NLDS would be an embarrassment,as would losing in the NLCS, but slightly less so. Anything less than the NL Pennant would basically feel like the team is ending the season empty handed...

Of course, like every other sport's crown, winning a World Series requires defense and offense, capitalizing on mistakes...but unlike every other sport's championship, winning a World Series requires quite a bit of magic...and after this crazy season, I'm worried we might have run out. This past month the offense has been stagnant, while the Cardinals look like they are just now getting into the swing of things. Starting pitching has also seemed a bit hit or miss, but looks like its heating back up.

Maybe...OK, I'm definitely over thinking things. Watching any Reds baseball past 162 games is a welcome privilege, ans I think this squad is something special, but it's always hit or miss when you get into the MLB postseason. The hottest team takes it all...and we're far from being on fire right now.

So who else is a nervous wreck?