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Is Bailey still scheduled to start tonight now that the Nats have the 1 seed locked up? If so, and if the story about the Reds going with a three man rotation is true, that seems to be very strange. This is a meaningless game. If Homer's role is indeed the person who can jump in and replace a starter who gets in trouble early, that means that he will be on short rest if he starts tonight and if Cueto or Arroyo struggle in games 1 or 2.

If he is going to be the game 4 starter or if this game meant something, I would not have a problem with him starting. If he is indeed supposed to be the insurance policy, why would you pitch him tonight? I say give any bullpen arms who need the work an inning each and then let the September call ups take the remainder of the innings tonight.
My understanding is that the Reds have not COMMITTED to a three man rotation. They have left open the possibility of Homer starting game 4, although maybe not.

I'm guessing that if the Reds are up in the series 2-1 Homer will get the start. If the Reds are trailing then Cueto will start game 4.

In addition, Lecure, Marshall, Brox, and Chapman all pitched last night. Homer will go five tonight and the other guys, Arredondo, Simon, Hoover, whomever, maybe even Leake, will get a little work.