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Wow, 1 for 4, a single, and a play every centerfielder in MLB makes. Hall of Fame, take out a spot for Drew Stubbs. Let's just forget the 3-0 count where he got pitches right down the heart and struck out with a man on first.

When you are praising a guy for going 1 for 4 with a single and cutting off a ball pretty much every player makes, you know he is bad. He had an ok day and you are praising him. That is how much he sucks. OK is worth praise.

Hey, if Stubbs goes on to be the superstar of this playoffs, don't kid yourself. It is luck. Could it happen. Sure. Billy Hatcher was a superstar in 1990 (who was much better than Stubbs that year). Even stranger things have happened. Yet it doesn't make it the smart call.
You've obviously long ago made up your mind about Drew, so there's little point arguing about him with you. But "every" centerfielder does not make that play in the second inning (specifically keeping a runner from scoring from first on a double in that outfield), in fact, most don't. And there were probably a half dozen times last night that I found myself thinking how comfortable I was having him out there as he made routine plays. If you can't recognize that, for all his faults, the man was born to patrol CF in that park, then you really may be too far gone on the point.

Also, does he deserve no credit for the fact that Cain threw a terrible pitch to BP with Stubbs on base?