Just thinking a bit about the season that concluded, I thought I'd start this thread where folks can add in those events to this season that are memorable. Perhaps it's the feats accomplished, debuts or closures. This is not exclusive to the Reds, but throughout all of MLB.

What prompted this was Miguel Cabrera winning the Triple Crown, the first time in 45 years when Yaz did just a year after Robby did as well. And what's up with nary a NL player sniffing a Triple Crown in 75 years? Congrats to Cabrera this this rare stat trifecta.

The A's surprising comeback to sieze the NL West title. I haven't followed that closely, so I was shocked when I realized what everyone was talking about. Like many others, I just assumed the Rangers had that baby sewed up and now they have the one game playoff to stay in the post-season.

And how about those O's? Who would have thought that would happen (other than Heather)? Conversely, what a disaster the Red Sox have been - they haven't finished in last place in 80 years - a place they were very familiar with in the decade leading up to 1932 (last place in eight of the 10 years; the other two were in 7th place).

Saw a photo in the paper of Chipper Jones' pinch hit appearance, his final AB in the regular season. Some career there. Any other players who we know are making their exit?

Twelve no-hitters in 2012 - an appropriate number for this year. And three perfect games. I'm guessing both of those may be records, but I don't know for sure.

While still leaving that old batting average nothing to write home about, it was nice to see Adam Dunn come back from this woeful season last year and put up respectable numbers beyond the BA. He'll never be a perfect player, but I like the guy and I'm glad to see his return, warts and all.

I'll leave it to others to add their own thoughts to a very interesting season.