That, by rule, is a correct interpretation. It's only subjective as to whether it was ordinary effort. But the rule was correct. Your photos actually help my case. The ball can't even be seen in the first image where Kozma starts forward. He had plenty of time to stay under it (or take a step to the left) in those two seconds.
Except for the immediately part.

If you remove that part of the rule, you're right.

Unfortunately, you can't remove that part of the rule.

Immediately. Because -duh- the runners need to know if they can risk advancing or not.

If you don't tell them immediately, they don't know.

First you said the rule did not say immediately.

Then you said it wasn't simply for the runners but it was so fielders didn't miscommunicate.

The rule is for the benefit of the runners, the rule says immediately.

The discussion is over.

The whole freaking rule is so a fielder can't drop an easy pop up and double up the runners.

Nothing else. And if the umps don't call it immediately it defeats the point of the rule. That's why the rule says it twice, to make it clear. To most people who can read and understand the English language.

If you wish to remove the word immediately, then yes, you're spot on!