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By the way, the assertion that there is no "brotherhood" among umpires is IMO bovine excrement. There is a tendency among just about every group of professionals to stick together and hesitate to admit that another professional made a error.
Lawyers will privately confide to each other when they believe that another lawyer made a mistake in judgment but they are much more reluctant to criticize their colleague in public, at least colleagues in the same legal community. Good luck getting one trial judge to criticize another openly-they tend to publicly pretend that all of their colleagues are John Marshall. It is difficult to get one doctor to testify that another doctor, at least in the same locale, committed medical malpractice. I am not in the least surprised that umpires stick up for their colleagues.
Current umpires maybe. Former ones... much less likely. I'd not expect a current umpire to go too far out on a limb but you also wouldn't see too many current umpires agree to speaking publicly about a controversial call.

Nonetheless, it doesn't mean he's not being sincere in his belief it was correctly applied. My point last night is that there really wouldn't likely be too many umpires that applied this rule differently than it was applied because they're all taught how to apply it and it doesn't match what the public expects of the rule.