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People say a strikeout is like any other out.


If Drew Stubbs fans 200 times, these are no worse than 200 pop ups.


But if Drew Stubbs hit the ball 100 of those at bats, that would provide 100 additional opportunities for success.

The point is not the IMPACT of the strikeout. It's the lost OPPORTUNITY when you don't hit the ball.
Of course if Drew struck out 100 less times his hitting would be better, as a number of those 100 balls in play would find themselves as hits.

But what matters little is if those 100 extra strike outs were turned into other outs.

A .700 OPS Stubbs with 100 K's is really no different than a .700 OPS Stubbs with 200 K's.

A .player who strikes out a lot doesn't suddenly become a lesser hitter in the playoffs just because he strikes out a lot.