If the reds don't make it (which I pray isn't the case), then I'm going like this.

1. Oakland A's-Flipping the Middle Finger to teams like the Red Sox, Dodgers, and Yanks is always refreshing. Plus they have good guys on that team that seem genuinely awesome and fun to watch

2. Baltimore O's-Fan of Mr. Buck Showalter, and I really like the makeup of there team, and there franchise. Plus they haven't been sucessful in so long, so it'd be nice to show up the Yanks and The Red Sux.

God forbid the Whiney Little Birds win again. We'll never hear them shutup about it. ...

Yankees would be a snoozefest if they win....

The Giants just won the world series in 2010.....

The Tigers, well, there ego's can't get much bigger with Fielder and Triple Crown winner Mr. Cabrera can it?

The Nationals? I would be okay to some extent. I don't hate them by any means..but there a talented team..and should be dominant for the next 5 years if everyone stays healthy....i would prefer if the white sheep teams won first.

So yeah. There's my top 3: The Reds, The A's, and The O's..and to some extent, worse case scenario, The Nats.