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Fair enough but how deep does it have to get before it's not an INF Fly?
And that is "the judgement" part of it left to the umpires. And there are a lot of those (balls-strikes, safe-out, etc). They are not perfect as we all know, but I like to think they are the best (like the NFL, lol). There are no rules as to how far out of the INF it goes. And lets hope we do not have new INF-fly lines drawn on the fields of MLB! I agree with the fact that the LF umpire was a late in making the call. I actually yelled INF-fly at my TV as it became apparent to me that Kozmos should get it (and I yelled before LF umpire called it). It is a toughie for sure, but one of many judgement calls that we hope the men-in-blue make correctly... and timely!