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Nicely hit just right at the first baseman
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The "experienced vet" argument carries more weight in some cases than others, but I think that after his career with his much-beloved Sox (pitching mediocrely, mostly out of the pen), and just the one postseason blip with the Reds, Arroyo is determined not to let this chance get away from him. He's 35; he won't have many more chances. And he has the presence of mind to stay calm and back it up with stuff. with salad.
Also think that Arroyo can pitch with great confidence in this ballpark. His nemisis is all the long fly balls. More forgiving park has to give him additional confidence.

Ron Darling -- who I like, by the way -- made the very good point that Arroyo's great attitude, his 200 innings every year ethic, seems to have influenced the rest of the starting staff. I agree.