Just seeing this post and wanting to make a comment. Not trolling at all or trying to poke anyone, but wanting to join the discussion. I really think that there is a bit of envy against the Cardinals. There is a reason that most NL fans have a disdain of the Cards. They win. Alot. We are like the Yankees, Cowboys or the Lakers. When a franchise is as successful for a long period of time, then there is bound to be resentment. Just like a previous poster said, people are tired of the Cardinals winning. It's understandable. Everyone else can't wait for you to lose and we want to hang on to our success for as long as possible. I think this rivalry is funner than the cubs-Cards because the Reds have a very good team and it is very balanced between the two teams. Right now the Cards are the king of the mountain but the Reds are trying to push them off. Here's to many years of good baseball between the two teams, and many years of "discussion" between the fans!