Sorry to rant, but I am so upset with the national morning radio shows. First off, Mike & Mike only want to talk football. Period. And at that, they spend too much time talking about Greenberg's favorite team, the Jets. He tries to bring every conversation around to the Jets.

You would think with the Division Series starting that MLB would get a pretty good presence on the show, right? Wrong. Regular season NFL is all they want to talk about.

And when they do get around to baseball, it all comes back to the Yankees series. They pretty much only mention the Reds series when they read the scores. No real talk about how they had to pull a rabbit out of their hat Saturday night with Cueto going out. Nope. But you can bet if they Yankees had lost Sabathia after 2 hitters and won, that is all they would have talked about.

Sorry, I know this is kinda childish to rant about, but why can't these national shows talk about things besides the NFL and NY teams?