the problem w/ Baseball, is that w/ the exception of the Yankees, its a very regional sport. Redszone is going to be the exception to the rule as many on here are avid baseball fans beyond just football fans. However most people don't have a huge passion for baseball beyond the team they root for along with a mild interest in a handful of other teams.

I think I'm pretty average in that regard. I love watching the Reds, catch them as often as I can, read this board w/ vigor, post when I think its appropriate. However, throw me a mid season Sunday night baseball game involving anyone outside of the Reds and it doesn't jump very high on my radar. On the flip side, throw me any regular season NCAA or NFL football game and I can watch and be entertained. Throw me any NCAA basketball game and about half of the NBA teams that are watchable, and it grabs my attention.

I believe it was Joe Pas who said it, perhaps someone else, but the beauty of baseball is that its a very boring game, then all of a sudden it isn't. Every play in football has action, ever trip up the court in basketball has action. A lot of plays in baseball involve a pitch 6" outside the zone, a routine pop-up, etc... Its much harder to predict when the action is going to come, and you're not going to sit there and wait for it when you have little interest in either team.

The NFL is also heavily betted across the country. Baseball is much tougher to bet, therefor doesn't get as much general interest in that regard. Right now, in KC, Cleveland, LA, Miami, Chicago, etc... there are few people that passionatly care about any of this weekend's playoff games. However, there were many people in all of those markets and many more who cared what happened in the NFL and NCAA. Mike and mike, and any national show is going to cater to their largest audience, and that rarely is going to be baseball on a NFL monday.