I'm sure some on here just cursed me, but if we're getting into the "excellance" of the 1st 2 games, might as well give some props to Dusty.

Starting Stubbs in Center....Excellant call, and saved some runs.
Phillips continuing to bat leadoff despite late season slump there, has done wonders so far.
Starting Arroyo in game 2, who could have done better?
Remaining cool under pressure when his Ace departs after 8 pitchers.

2 games in and he has the golden touch so far.

I worried that Cozart was hurt when I saw a glimpse of Valdez walking out to the on deck circle. Then I realized he was starting to give his starters some rest/work in the guys on the bench to get them some "experience" and I seriously questioned it. Sure you drop a 9-0 lead and I'm not going to falt anyone other than the pitcher(s) and God, but the playoffs didn't seem to be the time to work in backups like Valdez and Cairo. Turns out I was wrong, and in hindsight a great move by Dusty.

He's worked every pitcher in a game so far (not by design due to Cueto's injury I'm sure) w/ the exception of Simon. Every reliever is fresh heading into tomorrow, every pitche w/ the exception of Simon has been thru the first wave of playoff nerves.

Bronson could have gone 8 or 9 last night, but after the long inning, pulling him after 7 probably leaves him fresh enough to pitch on 3 days rest in game 5 if needed. Not knowing where Cueto stands health wise, that could be a huge decision.

Kudos to Dusty, keep on keeping on.