I'm not in Cincy so don't get the local news, plus I am more casual on this board than some, so if these questions are already answered, please forgive me. Also, I am NOT looking a gift horse in the mouth, I love a 2-0 lead on the Giants and the 9-0 beatdown especially. Just had a few questions and I figured some would have insight.

1) Frazier -- is he not going to play in the playoffs unless Rolen's back seizes up again? Frazier has been a big, big part of this team this year. Is he just gonna be a PH and late inning replacement like last night? I like where Rolen is right now -- he seems to be hitting ok, and as always plays great defense. I don't have a particular problem with playing him as long as he is healthy. But Frazier has to play some, I would think, and it ain't going to be over Joey Votto.

2) Will Ryan Hanigan catch all playoff games, with Navarro only being used if necessary?

3) Will the rest of the platooning -- especially Heisey -- not be used during the playoffs? Are we looking at an outfield of Ludwick-Stubbs-Bruce, then Rolen-Cozart-Phillips-Votto-Hanigan around the IF and C, for the duration of the playoffs?

I'm not complaining about that line-up, just wondering what to expect.

I'll hang up and listen.