I think everyone that follows not only the Cincinnati Reds but Major League Baseball in general considers this series over. For those of us that have followed the Reds for the past two decades, we know this is not the case.

However, Game Three is a pretty big deal. Not only have the Reds never won a playoff game in Great American Ballpark, the team's best pitcher is injured and could sure use the extra days rest. A win gives the Reds four consecutive days off and five of the six prior to the start of the NLCS. While some may find this to be detrimental to a team, with the Reds, I'm not sure this is the case. In addition to Cueto, Votto is still recovering from knee surgery,we all know how day-to-day the situation with Rolen can be, add the recent injuries to Cozart and Ludwick and it couldn't hurt to give the guys a few days to rest.

As someone who has tickets to Game Four and has never attended a Reds playoff game, just go ahead and win it in three games because the thought of seeing Cain in game four doesn't sound like much fun to me. At some point, he will win.