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In the start immediately preceding the no-hitter, he gave up 5 runs on a pair of homers. In the two starts prior to that, he only gave up one run apiece in a combined 14 innings, but he only struck out eight, and gave up almost as many fly balls as he did grounders. Those two starts were certainly not great.

The two starts before those three were great but they were also against the worst team in baseball.

Really now, the last three starts are clouding peoples' recollection of what he was doing prior to that point. Before the no-hitter, people were still talking about the inconsistency and all of a sudden now those September starts are being revised to indicate the start of a trend. That isn't consistent with how people were viewing those games after they happened.

I still don't know why you're so concerned with being "better than Leake moving forward." Does it really matter that much?
I would say Homer has been pitching great since the beginning of September. You can argue differently and cherrypick all the stats you want, but that's my opinion. It's indisputable that Bailey has pitched better than Leake during that timeframe. By a lot.

Yes, Leake matters. Maybe he doesn't matter for the rest of the playoffs, but he certainly matters next year and beyond. Chapman is a possible guy for the rotation and Cingrani is knocking on the door.