I know it's a perennial question. Just a day or two ago, Dusty was asked about it and, after pausing a few seconds to think and then slyly smiling, he answered "if I knew that...." and tailed off without completing the though.

I know it's just baseball. Part of what makes it so frustrating or great depending on one's perspective.

I know the cliches. And the mountains of precedent; we're far from the first team to not support an incredible pitching performance. And, not the first time this has happened this year for us.

I wouldn't mind a game like tonight's (Game 3 LDS) if we had a team without capability. If we had a team like the Baltimore Ravens who continue to win games with defense and field goals.

But we don't. We have:

- a consistent MVP threat who, though maybe with a limited power stroke, can clearly find spots to drive singles and really help out with OBP

- a near MVP candidate this year; heart of the team; track record for walkoff heroics

- a totally under-rated catcher who can also hold his own with the bat

- an aging veteran with a long track record of banging homers and hits

- a wonderfully capable, and pretty consistent, 2nd baseman; another heart of the team

- an up and coming shortstop

- a now-benched infielder who did as much as anyone to build the win total when JoVo was out

- an amazing left fielder who can hit one out off anyone

- and, all together, a group who put up 9 runs...9 freakin' runs...against a ridiculously talented lineup stronger than when it won it all a couple of years ago

How does this happen? No offense. None. How?

OK, vent over but if anyone has any creative, insightful or even entertaining ideas, I'd love to hear 'em.