So its looking more and more like the Reds will be forced to throw Leake today...their #5 SP who, with the exception of one outing this year, has thrown mostly batting practice against the Giants.

Realizing that hindsight is 20/20...after Cueto's early departure in Game 1, should Dusty have gone ahead and just used LeCure/Simon/Hoover to get thru, no matter the results? That way they could have taken their chances with Arroyo in game 2 and Latos in game 3 as planned....leaving them with Bailey in game 4 and back to a rested Arroyo in game 5 if necessary.

Perception was that the Reds would be set up well if they could take at least 1 in burning Latos early sure they ended up taking 1 and 2, but now are left with question marks and guys on short rest to capture that elusive third win.