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To me, it sounds like you're trying to remove the impossible emotional element of the game. 2010 was a disappointment with the way the playoffs played out and 1995 was going on 2 decades ago and 1990 was . It seems like you're confusing disappointment with people fearing the Reds will lose the series. No true Reds fan wants the Reds to lose their series.

People were rightly concerned last night, especially with the possibility of Leake pitching. Turns out those people were right. The momentum seemingly shifted last night and now the Reds are going to be in the same spot as the Giants tomorrow. Doesn't mean that the Reds will lose and it certainly doesn't mean those people won't be rooting for the Reds either.
You've made my point for me. Those posters are choking under pressure.

I realize most of them are still hoping the Reds will win. But when you post that it's basically a forgone conclusion that the Reds will lose a game that they are favoured to win, due to the disappointment of fans being worried of them losing, they are losing objectivity in the face of adversity. That's what choking is all about. Falling apart in the face of adversity. Letting their emotions run rampant with the objective truth.

I'm disappointed. I fear them losing. But I know they have a better chance of winning tomorrow because they are a better team than the Giants, are at home, and have an excellent pitcher going for them. I'm still objective in the face of adversity. Vegas will still have them as the favorite.