I understand this series isn't over. It can still go one of two ways.

But clearly this isn't "our year." 2010 chose us, and we said no thanks. 2012 did not, and we fought it. Our MVP first basemen went down, and we battled back against the odds to win 10 in a row. Even when he came back, in the playoffs he proved that for the time being, he was going to be a shell of his former self. Sean Casey, not the key of a championship offense. Then our ace went down 8 pitches into the first series. Despite that, we fought gain to go up 2 to none on the road, and in impressive fashion to boot. And while at first the news seemed good, that he would be back just in time for all the hometown fans see him lead the team to the Championship series, it would get worse when we all found out he would be gone until the World Series at least, leaving us to out last line of defense. Now instead of rolling to a sweep, we look at the precipice of being the worst chokers in the history of the NLDS.

We can still win this thing. We can be a storybook team, the team that won it all against the odds an beat adversity at every turn. But clearly, this is not our year.